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Please find below, reviews written from some of my mindee’s parents

Review 1

“Stacey is a fantastic childminder with lots of creative ideas.

The moment I drop my son off he doesn’t even look back to say goodbye as he is so content and at home with Stacey.

She has a great selection of toys including educational toys. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and do something creative with the children. My fridge is covered in paintings, handprints, glitter etc!

The children get outside everyday for fresh air, often to the park and they enjoy regular trips to the children’s centre.

Stacey also makes sure the children eat healthy snacks like fruit and rice cakes.

Stacey is very professional and is always up to date with regulatory requirements like health and safety and fire drills.

She also keeps a daily diary of what the children get up to each day.

Highly recommended!”



Review 2

“We would both like to thank you enormously for the love and care you have given our daughter in the short time you have looked
after her; she is always settled and happy to stay with you.

For your part, you have always kept us well informed of the activities that she has undertaken each day and have kept clear records
of food / drink intake and nappy changes.

It has been great to see the creative activities that she has done we will treasure the work you have helped her create.

We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that asks and would be happy to provide letters of recommendation or references for you at any
time in the future.”


Review 3

“We are extremely happy with the care both of our children get. They are very happy when visiting you and I’m sure their progress is down to the constructive environment you provide.”


Review 4

“I am very happy with the care my children receive.

The daily diaries are great and are always full of all the information I require.

The activities always seem to be educational which is great. I have no concerns here. I’m glad you include dancing and singing.

I think my childrens development has a lot to do with your hard work and commitment. Thank you”


Review 5

“Very happy. We are happy that our son has now settled more at drop off and pick up. The level of care provided is
fantastic and we are really pleased with the relationship you have formed with him.

We feel that he is making great developmental progress.”




Review 6

“Thrilled. Our son is extremely happy and settled and this is one of the most important things for us.

He is very active and you always find ways to stimulate (and tire) him.

We are frilled with the care that is provided and the activities provided to facilitate his learning.”


Review 7

“We both think Stacey is an outstanding childcare provider and are supremely confident in Stacey’s
approach and outlook. Our daughter clearly loves being with Stacey and the other children. We feel very lucky to have
found Stacey and that our daughter is able to spend time in that environment.

Your service is high quality, friendly, flexible and understanding of different needs / home situations.

We would highly recommend you to other parents.”


Review 8

“Very happy, my daughter is completely relaxed, she makes herself at home! She is very happy
going to you and that makes me happy.

I really get the impression that you care about my children, you plan thoughtful activities, ensure they are very safe walking to school –
thinking about what is the safest way to get them there and who will try to run etc, and really making them at home.”


Review 9

“You worked with us when our son was unsettled to come to a mutual solution, which helped him. He loves the activities you do, you think about him and
what he likes – having dino stickers / lego available.”

You are always very kind, happy relaxed and caring towards my children. I’d never had a Childminder before and was concerned,
but you have made the process much easier. Thank you.”


Review 10

“I am more than happy with the care my daughter receives from you. Not only do I feel like she is learning valuable skills, but I
am happy knowing that she feels safe and secure.”

I am so pleased with the level of care you provide. It makes being a working mum a lot easier, knowing your child is in the best environment.
I would recommend your services to anyone.”


Review 11

“We are delighted with the care our daughter receives – Stacey’s attention to detail, her creativity and her commitment to her vocation
comes through in everything she does. Our daughter is extremely happy in Stacey’s care and has grown into a confident and lively child.

Very happy with the variety of activities and especially that Stacey engages in seasonal activities and things associated with special
days / celebrations.

We appreciate your flexibility and your commitment to the service.”

Review 12

“Our son is always made to feel welcome, safe and secure as soon as we enter the house.

He clearly feels safe and secure and independently accesses resources and activities in the play areas.

We are both thrilled with how quickly our son has settled and how excited he gets

about coming to yours!”

Review 13

“Stacey is a wonderful childminder. Both kids have loved their time with Stacey. She’s really kind and has provided a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment. The kids have learned loads with her through play and fun creative activities. I’m genuinely really sad that the kids’ time with Stacey is coming to an end.”

Review 14

“Thanks for everything you have done / continue to do for our son Stacey. You have been absolutely amazing and a real lifesaver for us. It’s a complicated thing sending your little one off to someone else especially in COVID times and we always knew he’d be cared for and have a lovely time when coming to yours. It was very comforting for us.”

Review 15

“Stacey has been absolutely incredible with my daughter, so loving, caring and patient. My daughter took a while to settle as she is a lockdown baby plus I’m a single parent so the support and time she gave us was deeply appreciated. The texts I received after I dropped her off to reassure me she was ok, the flexibility when things don’t go to plan and you have to make changes was something I know you wouldn’t get in many childcare establishments. I wholeheartedly recommend Stacey and we will miss her very much.”




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