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Medicines Policy

It is vital you inform me of any medication you give to your child before they arrive to me. I would need to know the medicine name, dose and time given. Also knowledge of any long-term medical conditions or allergies.ballpit

If you would want me to administer any medication e.g. pain relief or teething gel. I would need the medication in its original container / bottle, and not decanted. It must have the manufacturers guidelines on it and if it is a prescribed one it should have details from the doctor / pharmacy on it.
In some cases a child on antibiotics may be asked not to attend for 2-3 days in case they react to the medication and to prevent the spread of infection to others. Any medicines will be kept out of reach of any children.

You would need to sign a form giving me permission to administer any medication. This would need to be done prior to any medication each time, unless a pre-arranged long-term situation, then also signed after medication has been administered.

If your child has self-medication, please obtain a spare set to be kept at home (along with IMG_0574any they bring with them). Older children can easily forget to bring an inhaler. What could be a simple puff of Ventolin then turns into a major incident and a trip to the hospital.

I will work in partnership with parents / carers to help support any child with medical needs.

I will require you to sign to say you have read and understood this Policy.

If you have any concerns regarding this policy please discuss them with me.

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